45th Annual Tarzan Brown Mystic River Run
28th Annual Turkey Trot

This year the 45th Annual Tarzan Brown Mystic River Run will be VIRTUAL race! This means you can participate wherever you are and you have two weeks to complete the race! Here’s how it works.

  1. Click here to go to the It’s Your Race website:
  2. On the top right click REGISTER NOW
  3. Select your race distance
    Tarzan Brown 5.5 miles or 1 mile
    Turkey Trot 5k (3.2 miles)
  4. Process payment
  5. Get ready to RUN!
  6. Upload your time
  7. Get your Tshirt (about 2 weeks after race)


October 17th – October 31st to complete the Tarzan Brown race.

November 14th – November 29th to complete the Turkey Trot.

You can download the It’s Your Race app from the Apple Store or Google Play and they can time and upload your race. Don’t like your time? Can’t finish it? Just close the app and start again!

If you don’t want to download the app you can upload your time manually starting on the race start day by going to this site: MANUAL TIME UPLOAD

Now you’re able to challenge friends from across the globe, establish bragging rights with your cousins, or see which one of your co-workers can get the best time all while supporting the Ocean Community YMCA!

Run. Walk. Cartwheels.

Track. Beach. Open Road.

Your Road. Our Race. 


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