Westerly-Pawcatuck Branch

Staff & Volunteers

Sarah Lufler,  Branch Director
401-596-2894 ext. 128

MaryAnn Barker, Program/Membership Services
401-364-6535 ext. 110

Kristen Carlson, Membership Development & Marketing Director
401-596-2894 ext. 106

Stacey Pride, Membership Engagement Associate
401-596-2894 ext.144

Patrick Hanley, Health & Wellness Director
401-596-2894 ext. 112

Kelly Mahoney, Aquatics Director
401-596-2894 ext. 102

Linda Palmer, Business Manager
401-596-894 ext. 108

Josh Posey, Youth Development & Sports Director
401-596-2894 ext. 109

Colin Sheehan, Youth and Family Director
401-596-2894 ext.135 (winter); 401-364-6535 (June-August)

Kevin Sisson, Director of Reach & Rise®
401-596-2894 ext.121

Michael Whitt, Head Lifeguard

Steven Zeuli, Facility Director
401-596-2894 ext. 107

Westerly-Pawcatuck Branch Board of Managers

Brenda Mottola, Chair
Sergio Cherenzia, Vice Chair
Kristin Battisti, Secretary
Michael Cozzolino
Barbara Fisher
Kara Kirker Gabriele
Anthony Green
Erin Hirschorn
Mel Jolly
Catherine Lathrop
Jeff Liguori
Kenyon Murphy
Aaron Simmons
Rebecca Woodward, DMD


To put Christian principles into practice through programs that build healthy spirit, mind and body for all.