Scholastic Support

NAIK FAMILY BRANCH: The Scholastic Support Center is a place where students can go to complete their online and at-home
coursework, while also participating in fun activities in a safe, supportive environment. Our Centers will
offer a full day of programming from 7:30 am to 5:30 pm, five days per week. However, your child’s
schedule may vary depending on your child’s school schedule and your family’s needs.
Each center is staffed by YMCA Program Directors and staff who are trained to assist your child with
their remote learning and schoolwork.
Our spaces are designed to comply with state and local guidelines for safety and social distancing.
Students will be grouped in small, consistent pods of students with similar schedules and grade levels
to minimize contact.

When online school/remote learning is completed, students will have time for homework or structured,
age-appropriate academic enrichment activities, including:
· Fitness
· Swimming
· Outdoor activities (if weather allows)
· Arts and Crafts

Wi-Fi is provided at every location to support video chats, streaming media and other online school demands. Each student should bring a device, headphones and appropriate school supplies. Please make sure your student knows how to log in to their school’s website and learning platforms and how to operate their devices and software.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions.

Register : 8-31-2020 Fillable – Scholastic Support Center-Reg-Packet

Financial Assistance is Available

Ycares Scholarship Application: FILLABLE – YCares Application 1-15-20


To submit your documents or if you have any questions please email:


What is the cost?

This will depend on your needs. Here’s a breakdown from the registration packet. Costs are per week and are billed weekly. 


Days Cost AM + PM AM
Monday – Friday  $200 $75 $25 $50
Mon/Tue/Wed $120 $45 $15 $30
Wed/Thu/Fri $120 $45 $15 $30

* Different options require a directors approval.


What should the students bring?

School materials
2 Snacks
Reusable water bottle
Bathing Suit
Shower Shoes
Change of clothes

What are we doing?

Temperature checks upon arrival, and health “check ins” with students throughout the day.
Groups are set a max of 16 students and will remain in separate rooms while in attendance. No more than 16 campers will be any room at one time even if there are half walls, half doors, or other physical barriers within such a room separating students.
Enhanced cleaning will be performed throughout the day, in particular in common spaces such as bathrooms, outdoor spaces, doorways, and hallways when in use by different groups. Staff are being trained on the policies and procedures to ensure the above conditions are met.

To put Christian principles into practice through programs that build healthy spirit, mind and body for all.