Westerly-Pawcatuck Branch

Thursday Night Writes

At Thursday Night Writes, local author Jeanne McWilliams Blasberg will lead writers in generative work tailored to their individual writing goals. Each week, we’ll focus on an element of the writing craft or process from point-of-view, character development, and structure to writing routines, revision, and publishing. Sessions will include in-class prompts and exercises to help generate ideas, readings and discussion of contemporary authors, and opportunities for instructor feedback. Writers of short- and long-form fiction alike are welcome, as well as prose writers of all genres and backgrounds.

Writing doesn’t have to be a lonely process. Develop your writing while building community with the Westerly Writers Workshop. Drop-in as your schedule permits or come weekly to boost your writing habit. Check out our full calendar of sessions today!

Each session is $12 for Members or $16 for Participants

** Note: Sessions are either at the Westerly-Pawcatuck Branch OR Virtual as indicated below ***


7/15 – The Arc of Your Story – Live Workshop at Westerly-Pawcatuck Branch

Join us as we kick off our ongoing Thursday Night Writes series this summer. In this first session, we’ll take a look at story arcs: the structure and shape of a story (at any length) that leaves a lasting impact on characters… and readers, too!


7/22 – Point of View is Everything – Live Workshop at Westerly-Pawcatuck Branch

Point of view: everyone’s got one. So how do we tap into our characters’ unique perspectives and harness them to power a gripping story? This week we’re diving into point of view!


7/29 – Dialogue: It’s What You Don’t Say – Live Workshop at Westerly-Pawcatuck Branch

At this week’s Thursday night writing session, we’ll chat about how to create realistic, engaging, and differentiated dialogue for your characters and how sometimes what you say isn’t as important as why you leave out.


8/5 – Settings that Sparkle – Live Workshop at Westerly-Pawcatuck Branch

In this next installment of Thursday Night Writes, it’s all about settings. We’ll consider how space and place can enhance characters, engage readers, and add depth to a story, then apply it to our own work.


8/12 – Community Writing Session – Virtual Zoom Event

Bulk up your word count this week in our Thursday night Community Writing Session! Whether you’re trying to get your feet off the ground, you’re ready to unstick yourself from a stuck place, or you’re on a roll with writing that you just want to keep going, this session of generative exercises will provide inspiration and accountability for your project.


8/19 – Kickstart your Creativity – Virtual Zoom Event

This Thursday, we’ll get our creative juices flowing with prompts and exercises designed to engage with the pure joy of generative writing. Have fun, get the words flowing, and unlock new perspectives on your own writing process!


8/26 – Writing and Publishing Q & A – Virtual Zoom Event

If you’ve got a Q, Jeannie’s got an A—or she’ll find one! After publishing two novels and many more essays, Jeannie’s got  the inside scoop on the writing field. Before diving into writing this Thursday, we’ll sift through some of the myths and realities of what it takes to become a published author and what you can do today to take steps towards that goal.


9/2 – Powering your Plot – Live Workshop at Westerly-Pawcatuck Branch

Join us at this week’s Thursday night writing session to chat about pacing, tension, causality, suspense and other essential matters of plot with the Westerly Writers Workshop!


9/9 – Creating Complex Characters – Live Workshop at Westerly-Pawcatuck Branch

This Thursday we’re cogitating on character! Strong writers know conflict is at the heart of most of our stories, and what powers conflict? Characters, of course. But do they have to be relatable? Likeable? Unique? Take the plunge into your characters’ greatest depths with Westerly Writers Workshop to add nuance, specificity, and complexity to the cast of your story.


9/16 – A Hero’s Journey – Live Workshop at Westerly-Pawcatuck Branch

Jane Eyre, Katniss Everdeen, Odysseus, Scout Finch. What do all these literary figures have in common? They went on a journey… a hero’s journey! This week we’ll tackle the classic story structure to discuss how you can make this tried and true model work for you.

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