Washington Trust Ice Rink

About Us

The Washington Trust Community Skating Center, located in downtown Westerly, offers 12,000 square feet of real ice on a 100’ X 120’ rink. No skates? No problem! With over 250 pairs of rental skates, there are plenty for you and your family or friends to come try a centuries old winter tradition. If skating is not for you, there is seating for 200 people around the rink to watch. Visit the Washington Trust Community Skating Center under the sun, or stars, to build memories that will last a lifetime!


Can I bring my own skates?
Yes. You may bring your own skates or you may rent a pair of ours for $5.00.

Is there seating for me to put my skates on?
Yes. There are benches, picnic tables, and bleachers situated around the perimeter of the rink.

Can I wear my shoes or boots on the ice?
No. All persons on the ice must be wearing skates.

Can I rent the entire rink for a party or private skate?
Yes. You can rent the ice!  See our rental page for prices. Please call (401) 637-7902 for more information and to make reservations or complete our Rink Rental Form. 

Are there restrooms at the ice rink?
Yes. They are located on the north side of our rental building. Thanks to our rubber matting, you can walk from the ice to the restrooms without removing your skates.

Is there food available at the rink?
No, at this time there are no concessions.

How can I get my skates sharpened?
Our knowledgeable and experienced staff can sharpen your skates for only $6.00 per pair. Bring your skates in during regular hours, no appointment necessary.

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