Tails & Trails

YMCA Camp Watchaug has partnered with the Westerly Animal Shelter at 33 Larry Hirsch Lane to offer an opportunity for campers to spend ½ the day at the Animal Shelter and the other ½ at camp participating in traditional camp activities. While at the shelter campers will focus on learning compassion and respect for the animals. The hands on program will educate campers on what happens at the SUFA/Westerly Animal Shelter and how they can make a difference in an animal’s life. It will be a rewarding experience educating campers about animal welfare and what it takes to be a responsible pet owner.  A Camp Watchaug counselor will also be with campers at all times at the shelter and on the bus.

Furry Friends – Entering Grades 3-5
Session 2, June 29-July 10 (2 Weeks)
$470 Member/$540 Non Member 

Drop off is at the shelter between 8:30 am and 9:00 am.

Campers may be picked up at Camp Watchaug at 4:00 pm or ride a bus to the bus stop of your choice.

Spend the morning learning about pet ownership and what it takes to be a good pet owner along with showing off your artistic skills in admiration of all of our furry friends and finding out that Reading is FUN by letting the furry friends be the camper’s captive reading audience.  Campers will be transported by bus to Camp Watchaug for the afternoon where they will swim and participate in traditional outdoor camp activities.

Unleashed – Entering Grades 6-9
Session 2,June 29-July 10 (2 Weeks)
$470 Member/$540 Non Member

Campers may be dropped off at Camp Watchaug at 9:00 am or ride a bus to camp from the bus stop of your choice

Pick up is at the shelter between 4:00 pm and 4:30 pm.

Campers will spend the morning at Camp Watchaug where they will swim and participate in traditional outdoor camp activities.   Campers will be transported to the Shelter for the afternoon where they will learn all about animals. Playing…Fact or Fiction? Not everything you read is real and true. Can you tell the difference between animal facts and fiction?  Discover myths and truths that people have every day. For the love of a pet! Do you have a passion for animals? Know the many ways animals make a difference in people’s lives? Learn about therapy dogs and cats, agility, and training. Reading is Fun! Let our furry friends be your captive audience for your child this summer.

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