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Meet the Personal Trainers!

Laurie K

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Alexa H

Sessions are 60 minutes

Package options:

1 Training Session –  Member $55 | Non Member $88
2 Training Sessions – Member $110 | Non Member $176
3 Training Sessions – Member $150 | Non Member $225
4 Training Sessions – Member $198 | Non Member $297
5 Training Sessions – Member $246 | Non Member $369
6 Training Sessions – Member $294 | Non Member $441
7 Training Sessions – Member $342 | Non Member $513
8 Training Sessions – Member $390 | Non Member $585

*NEW* Functional Movement Screen Testing

A 90 minute session used to evaluate basic movement patterns that give a snapshot on how the different parts of your body move and work together. Whether your exercise goals are to enhance daily living activities and general health, or to improve athletic performance, having an FMS Screen as a baseline is a great way to start.

Members: $70

Participants: $110


Ages: 8 – 13

Call our Welcome Center to schedule your personal or small group session. This fun class is for basic to advanced levels. Work on muscular strength, agility, resistance training and cardio endurance.

Registration is by appointment only. Visit our Welcome Center or call 860-536-3575 to schedule an appointment.


This hour-long program is great for new members that need a little help finding their way around, or for current members who simply need a refresher! Please stop at the Welcome Center or call 860-536-3575 to schedule an orientation at your convenience.

Members Only: FREE

*NEW* Adult Functional Movement
Thursdays 7:00-8:00am
This class will improve your balance, agility and coordination through a variety of functional modalities including: Plyometric boxes, medicine balls, kettle bells, speed ladders and many more. Whether you want to shine on the basketball court or be confident running the trails in the woods, the fundamentals taught in this class are crucial for higher performance and coordination throughout our years.
Space is limited.

Members: $80
Participants: $120

Powerlifting Fundamentals
Tuesdays & Thursdays 9:30-10:30am
Powerlifting fundamentals is a class designed to teach you the three lifts in powerlifting: squat, bench press and deadlift.  Proper breathing and form will be taught.  We will use different variations for each exercise, as well as practice using lifting cues.  This is a class for intermediate to advanced lifters, familiarity with the weight room is required. A periodized lifting plan will be given to each participant to enable you to maximize your strength gains Class is a small group format led by Dorothy, former USA Powerlifting (USAPL) competitor.

Members: $120
Participants: $180

Women on Weights
Mondays 9:30-10:20am
A small group training class that will introduce weight training techniques in the wellness center. This class will educate free-weight use, invoke confidence in training in the fitness center, and create invaluable special bonds; all while getting a great workout. Movements with barbells, dumbbells, and body-weight will be included. Space is limited.

Members: $80
Participants: $120

Queenax Circuit Training
Call the Welcome Center for dates & times
This class format is designed to give a full-body functional workout. The Queenax series pull out all the stops to optimize your outcomes, increase your metabolism through weight training and boost your endurance! If you’re ready to increase your performance and see results, this program is for you. Space is limited. Contact the Welcome Center for schedule.

Members: $80
Participants: $120

Healthy Hang Out

Looking for a healthy way to hang out with a group of friends? You pick the class and have a blast with a private exercise session led by our certified instructors! Contact the Welcome Center for complete details.

Cost: $100 for up to 20 people aged 18+ Cost covers private classes up to 1 hour


Triathlon Training
Saturday 7:00-9:00am
Swim, bike and run: whether you are training for your first triathlon, a seasoned triathlete or just looking for a good balanced group workout this is the class to join! The class meets Saturday mornings starting at 7 AM to include a pool swim, Spinning ride and an option to finish up with an outdoor run.  When the weather becomes unsafe for an outdoor run, cross training and running drills will conclude the workout in the gymnasium.  All fitness levels are welcome and each workout will include options for increasing or decreasing distance and intensity.  Basic swimming skills of freestyle/ front crawl should be mastered before joining this program. Space is limited

Members: $45
Participants: $90

Senior Wellness
Monday, Wednesday, Friday 8:45-9:30am
Move through a variety of exercises designed to increase muscular strength

Members: Free
Participants: $76

Cardiac Rehab
Monday, Wednesday, Friday 7:30-8:30am
This is a medically supervised and monitored program for persons with a history of heart disease. Contact the Welcome Center for complete details.

Members: $70
Participants: $140

Monday, Friday 5:00-6:00pm
The classes are designed to safely increase participants’ fitness levels through aerobic and strength training exercises while building a sense of community and social connectedness among class members. Enhance®Fitness has been proven to increase participants’ strength, balance, flexibility, mood, general activity level, and independence when they attend on a regular basis. The program is beneficial for older adults in general, but has been deemed particularly safe and effective for older adults living with arthritis and is listed as a recommended arthritis intervention by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Members: Free
Participants: $122






There are currently no Health & Wellness programs scheduled.

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