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Swim Lessons, boating, archery, arts & crafts, camp songs, nature and outdoor adventure … the traditional summer camp experience.  Mystic Beach Camp is an exciting outdoor camp experience for our youth, offering a variety of activities which help campers build self-esteem, confidence, independence and responsibility – all while enjoying simple summertime fun with new friends.


Angel Fish: 4 Years Old to Entering Kindergarten
Sea Horses: Entering 1st or 2nd Grade
Sting Rays: Entering 3rd or 4th Grade
Dolphins: Entering 5th or 6th Grade
Sharks: Entering 7th or 8th Grade


Friday Fun Day

The second Friday of each session is Friday Fun Day.  Two hours of this Friday is a giant camp-wide activity where all campers get to participate in a large game that is tied into the session theme. Gold Rush and Safari Hunt are camper favorites!

Session Themes and Special Days

Each session has it’s own special theme that activities are based around.  During each session, there are several days that have a “special” theme.  Crazy Hair Day and Super Hero Day are a few examples.  Session themes are listed below, and theme days will be announced on the session calendar handed out on the first day of each session.

Camper Choice

As campers get older they start to develop their interests and want to improve their skills.  This new choice format is designed specifically Sting Rays, Dolphins and Sharks for this reason.  Each session, campers will get to choose an activity to go to every Tuesday and Thursday morning so they can spend extra time practicing their new interest.  Older campers will get the opportunity to spend more of their camp day in an activity they want.


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